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D.Ed Special Education Mental Retardation

This is ideal for teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents and others who wish to develop expertise in teaching and training children and young adults with mental retardation.
Certfication by: RCI

Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: 50 % and above in 2nd PU/ +2 Exam
Start date
: July 2018
Cost: INR 80,000
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* Admissions for the current year is closed

Certificate Programme in Special Education

Like with any form of education, focus at the foundational level is critical. This course is suited for primary school teachers and other stakeholders who engage with young children with special needs.
Certfication by: FAME

Duration: 1 year
Eligibility: Class 10 Pass 

Start date: July 2018
(Weekly classes which will be held only on Saturdays)
Cost : INR 40,000
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Short Term Courses

FAME Academy conducts various short term courses which include the following

Adolescent Counselling Skills
Research in the field of Special Education
Comprehensive Management of Cerebral Palsy- A Lifespan Approach

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For all Academy related queries such as Admission, Course details, etc., please write to us at or connect to us at +91-99020 99366 (Vijayalakshmi R )/+91-74064 56778 (Amith) or 080 4854 1421. You can also fill in the enquiry form.

FAME has the perfect blend of commitment and skills to redress the imbalance

And in the process provide opportunities to individuals for a Career in Education that is rewarding, financially lucrative and is globally recognised. Read on to know more.

FAME has a vision to make education and opportunities accessible to children and young adults with special needs. And one of the most optimal ways to achieve this is to consolidate its learnings, experience and insights into a formal platform so that others who believe in their vision can benefit from it.

This is the genesis of FAME Academy - a Centre of Excellence for educating, training and empowering all stakeholders in the area of special needs.

Over the last 15 years FAME has emerged as a champion for and forerunner in special needs education, through its programs, knowledge sharing and advocacy initiatives


Close to 250 children have been students of the FAME school. All of them have been children with special needs who prior to joining the school had little or no access to any type of formalized education. FAME through its individualized education programs has helped its students achieve a degree of self reliance and an identity.

Vocational Training

FAME’s life span approach to special education means that it continues to provide opportunities to its students even after they complete their schooling. FAME Swavalambana helps to economically empower young adults with special needs through vocational training and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Respite Care

FAME’s respite care centre KARUNA is a safe haven. The focus here is to build skills which allow independence to the extent possible in self care and communication. Karuna also acts as a means by which parents dealing with the challenges of caring for loved ones with special needs derive support.

Outreach Program

FAME also works with rural communities to ensure that children with special needs in these areas are provided adequate support and help. They have partnered with Anganwadis, doctors and staff of the Primary Health Centres, to conduct successful intervention and sensitization programs in the community.

Special Education as a Career Choice

Demand is more than the Supply

It has been estimated that 17 lakh special educators will be required to educate close to 1 crore children in India with special needs.
In addition, the government has recognized the need to make mainstream schools inclusive so that special needs children can be integrated into an already established system.
With regular teachers lacking the skills to teach special needs children, the demand for professionals who can bridge this gap is at an unprecedented level.

Viable Job Opportunities

Wondering if you are going to get a good job once you specialize in special needs education? We say its no longer a question you need to pose.

It has now become mandatory for schools to have counselors. Besides there is societal as well as governmental focus on creating more integrated and special needs schools.

Today, our country needs professionals who are adept in working in the area of special needs.

So, it is not a question of where will you get a job, but more one of where would you like to work once you qualify.

A Diploma over a Bachelors Degree

Here’s what you need to consider - A Diploma in Special Education versus a Bachelors Degree in Education.

Any form of formalized learning in education has its merits. But perhaps by opting for a Diploma in Special Education you would be positioning yourself as a specialist rather than a generalist.

Attractive Remuneration

A career in special needs education is financially viable as well. It is well recognized that this field requires a high degree of specialization, commitment and passion. And remuneration offered to professionals in this field is reflective of this.

Learning with us - The FAME Advantage

Proven track record

FAME is a forerunner in special needs education. Through the school, vocational training and other programs we have demonstrated that our approach, methodology and practices can positively impact the lives of children and young adults with special needs. In addition, we have built on our knowledge and skills over the years. For anyone aspiring to participate actively in the field of special needs education, we offer the right blend of teaching, information and guidance that is required.

Practical approach to teaching

At the FAME Academy, we make sure that all our courses incorporate the right balance of theory and on the job training. Our faculty are practitioners and ensure that our teaching methodology is not just pedagogical. We ensure that by course completion all our students have experienced the practical aspects of working in their chosen field.


Anyone who demonstrates an eagerness to work in the field of special needs education, but in need of financial assistance can always approach us. We offer scholarships to deserving applicants.

How can FAME Academy help you

If interacting with a child or young person with special needs is something that you are doing on an almost daily basis, then perhaps partnering with FAME Academy is something you should consider. Apart from love, patience and perseverance acquiring skills and techniques is also important when you are a parent, caregiver, teacher or counselor.

Working in the area of special needs is perhaps something that you are passionate about. It is perhaps an area where you have the most interest to learn, work and grow in. It could be driven by a need to do something meaningful, positive, challenging yet fulfilling. At the FAME Academy you will find your passion mirrored by our faculty and fellow students. Plus you will also develop the skills that will drive your passion in the right direction.

We cannot say it enough. The career prospects in special needs education are immense. And this is something that you most likely have found out for yourself. If you want to be a forerunner in this field with opportunities to work in different settings then the courses at FAME Academy can add immense value to your profile. You may already be working in this field, in which case our courses can help build on what you have done so far and catapult you into a higher professional orbit.

You are perhaps thinking about how to utilize your time and skills in a manner that goes beyond what your current profession has given you so far. You are looking at reaching a level of self actualization. You are perhaps thinking of creating an identity built around service and compassion. You could possibly find what you are looking for by working with children and young adults with special needs. Through FAME Academy you will get a better perspective of what to expect and how to contribute better.

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