Over the years, the FAME belief has resulted in a significant number of special needs children graduating from the FAME school. Some of them have gone on to be placed in a regular work environment where as a few others have continued on the path of self -reliance by engaging in form of economic activity at YST.
Apart from these visible success stories, we witness numerous are events which may seem small and inconsequential such a child with CP putting a piece of biscuit into the mouth by himself for the very first time!
This is where we celebrate all these different types of blockbuster success at FAME
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Volunteers are integral threads of the FAME weave. Over the years we have had many volunteers who have come , made a mark and gone on to spread the FAME story elsewhere. Where as there are many who came to FAME as volunteers and have simply not had the heart to leave.
Read all their stories at the Volunteer Diaries

We encourage individuals to join and contribute to the FAME community in any they can, many of them contribute in cash and kind. Here they talk about what motivates them to join the FAME community and their experiences at FAME and with the FAME children.
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Sponsors allow us at FAME to be able to focus on the children and their growth without having to worry out existential issues. For this we are every grateful. Over the years many organisations have stepped forward and made our wishes come true, some of them continue to do so.
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At FAME many a laughter and tear is shared at the staff tables when special educators recounter their students tales of success and tomfoolery of the day. It is a crime to keep such stories to ourselves when they bring such great joy to us. Join us in this joy.
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