Inclusively Celebrating Childhood

Remember being a child? That refreshing reckless abandon that dictated all our actions, being blissfully ignorant of time, responsibilities, disparities,.... And then one fine day, suddenly feeling like an adult? when you graduated? Got your first job? moved out? Growing up definitely has its advantages too! Nothing can compare to the sense of standing on your own two feet! The sense of independence and self reliance.
But here's the thing — childhood and growing up is so much more than this single story. Each of our story is different and the story of someone with special needs is vastly different.

A child with Cerebral Palsy, needs four times the energy to go about life than a normal child. It doesn’t stop with childhood, he requires fours times the energy life long. Our story of self-reliance could very well mean our first pay check but for someone with special needs it could mean the ability to indicate that they need to use the restroom.

It is these differences that we celebrate as we enable children and young adults with Neuro Developmental Disabilities carve out their happy place in the world.

To Act. To Motivate. To Empower.

The bricks and mortar that make a happy place.

We understand that children with special needs live very isoloated lives- we seek to change that. The cornerstone at F.A.M.E is to provide each child with companionship and warmth. We hope to extend this companionship beyond our four walls by equipping our students with holistic education that focusses on special education, early intervention, prevocational and vocational training.

We form lifelong bonds with our students and while our active engagement in their lives ends when they turn 18 our relationship doesn't end. Our students are efficiently passed on to the guidance of our sister concerns under the aegis of YST our students receive further vocational training, while Karuna provides hospice care.

At FAME we create stories that last a lifetime.

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