Every day is a special day!

At FAME we strive hard to make everyday of every student a day to remember.
9 am on a school day is always hustling and bustling with activity. Our students arrive in the school bus, all excited to begin the day. Some of them are dropped off at the gate with a kiss and a hug from their parents and then the FAME ancillary staff take over. They ensure that the wheel chairs are out by the front, help every child in but most importantly bring a sun-shiny smile to every child.

Prayer is a wonderful way to begin the day and this is how we welcome in the day at FAME once the morning hustle and bustle dies down. Physical exercise is crucial to a child with special needs and also acts as an amazing way to get children to interact with each other, work and play as a team. Therefore prayer is followed by some physical activity which is closely monitored by our staff.

After the fun and frolic that goes along with physical exercise, it is time for some serious business. Our students move in to their respective classes. Although the children sit in a class, the curriculum is customised to meet the specific requirements of each student.

Lunch at FAME is a family affair where the food is cooked in the FAME campus. This ensures that our students get the best nutritious food that is essential to keep the mind and body strong.Some of the students go around to every class to inform students and staff the menu for the day
and accordingly sell food coupons.

We take things a bit easy after lunch, some of our students go on back to their classes while others undergo therapy sessions such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, articulation/oral motor therapy based on their particular special need.
Self reliance is at the heart of every program at FAME. Our ultimate aim to have every child learning to become self -reliant. Doing chores is a very basic yet foundational step to becoming self-reliant and our students are taught to do these basic chores. Chores include activities such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning ones plate after lunch, stitching etc..

Having a child with a disability can often be a very lonely journey. Caring for a child with special needs can leave overwhelmed, lonely and stressed out. At FAME we identify with these parents and have a highly trained staff member available everyday to counsel parents should
they have any problems, sometimes all they need is a listening ear. Above all we ensure that special parents enjoy their lives as their special children enjoy life at FAME.

As with any school, the end of a school day at FAME is filled with laughter and loud shouts of good byes to friends and teachers and on to the school bus for their fun ride back home.

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