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In our second newsletter of this year, we bring you the highlights of our highly anticipated Story Telling Session in Karuna with professional Storytellers: The Story Wallahs.

In February, we celebrate Valentines day to thank family and friends who we care for. So we take this opportunity to wish all our readers and well wishers a very Happy Valentines day!
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Highlights from the Story telling session at Karuna
Stories are loved by all. Story telling is an age old tradition followed to make children understand the life skills, create awareness and instil happiness in children. In Karuna, we have story telling sessions which is a most loved and anticipated event of the week. Sessions this time were carried by the experts in telling stories, “THE STORY WALLAHS”

The professional story tellers make the story engaging while conveying a hidden message to the students. This is all done while keeping in consideration the different levels of understanding of the group. All stories must have a character, concept (problem, situation etc) and resolution. But the joy comes through when a simple story is conveyed in a manner that the group enjoys the narration whilst understanding the importance of the morals in the story.
The power of storytelling is leads to positive outreach and behaviour. In a way we become the story we believe in, morals are about by the audience, language is taught through stories, while concepts of numbers, time and money are told in simple ways to make anything memorable. It also fosters listening and communication skills. Furthermore, storytelling improves language and memory,which helps us imagine the story in our mind.

The added repetition and actions will aide in better understanding and comprehension.
Every story by the Story Wallahs started with the song “aa gaya aa gaya story wala aa gaya”. The students are so fond of the song that they started to sing as soon as the narrator entered the class. It was a joy to see these students in so much happiness. We thank the Storywallahs for being a part of Karuna team.

Upcoming Events

Prathibha: Annual Talent Show
FAME India has been organizing Pratibha: Annual Talents Day, the signature event which gives students with special needs a chance to showcase their talent in front of an audience of parents and supporters. Apart from getting an opportunity to be on stage, our children learn through a culmination of all the training through the rehearsals. Our main aim in organising this show is for the students to enjoy every moment of the rehearsals and the programme itself.
Our staff, volunteers and some students help in making the props and costumes for this event. A distinguished person who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of disabilities will be honoured with Pratibha Award on this day. We will be conducting this event on 2nd March 2017 at JSS Auditorium Jayanagar 8th block. At FAME, we try to give our children an experience as close to the one their peers in the mainstream schools may have, during their ANNUAL DAY.

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