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March 8 is a very special day in the life of a woman for this is when we celebrate International Women's Day. So we take this opportunity to wish all our women readers a very Happy Women's Day. More power to you.
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This month we bring you the highlights of our highly anticipated event Pratibha.We are extremely delighted to announce the FAME student and FAME Teacher of the month.Well that is not all. We also present to you the Artwork of the month by our students.This month we also take this opportunity to write about Teacher Leadership by our Special Educator.

PRATIBHA: Annual Talent Day

Pratibha is the SIGNATURE event which gives students with special needs a chance to showcase their talent in front of their parents and supporters. Pratibha 2017 was a huge success and all the parents were immensely proud of the children. It ended with 3 cheers for the whole FAME team and with a promise to bring a even better Pratibha for 2018.
Pratibha awardee for 2017 was Dr. Mahadevaiah who is a pioneer in Neurodevelopmental medicine. He has done some exemplary work in this field for over 2 decades and is a part of Spastics Society of India, Bangalore.
Our chief guest was Mr. Govindraju, Director of Dept for the Empowerment of Differently abled and Senior Citizens. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Ramesh Mk, Finance Technology India, Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Celestial Wonders

There were 3 programmes for the evening. The first group took the audience into an intergalactic space and then gently landed onto a beautiful dancing rainbow. There were revolving planets, birds chirping and twinkling stars. The children gained valuable lessons from the show. They learnt discipline, turn taking and built an amazing comradeship amongst them. They tried their best to overcome the fear of heights, huge crowd and loud music and lighting. All in all this was an amazing show by team. "Save space debris" was conveyed by them to the audience.

COSMOS -The Musical Extravaganza

The third show included five elements of the nature. We all could see the five elements in their costumes, their head gears, music and dance. The fire element set the stage on fire with their fabulous performance. Their performance was a well organised and well showcased act. Their message for the audience was “Save our Nature”.

Save Earth

The second show for the evening was by Team B whose concept revolved around Earth. Their central characters were Doremon, Nobita and his friends. Doremon teaches Nobita and his friends all that our Mother Earth has. From mountains, hills and rocks to the mining fields and animals, they covered the globe. They even recorded their own dialogues. Team B conveyed the message to Save Earth, Grow more tress and save our resources. Without any verbal commands from the teachers, children were in their best behaviour.That was something the children need to be applauded for.
“If kids come to us from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes our job easier.
If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.”
(Barbara Colorose)

FAME Student of The Month

Vinuth enters school like a ray of sunshine with his big smile and hearty greetings.
- Ms. Anusha S Dutt (Special Educator)

Vinuth Kumar is a specially abled child with Cerebral Palsy (Right Spastic Hemiplegia) with Cortico Visual Impairment and Intellectual disability. When he first joined school, he was reluctant to move away from his mother and join in the group sessions. Now, he likes to help teacher with the group session and mingles with his peers. He has shown remarkable progress in all domains. In spite of severe illness and hospitalization, he bounced back with vigour and smiles. He can identify and name most of the common objects around him – animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. He now initiates and maintains a conversation appropriately. He is self motivated and has lot of potential in learning much more. He is cooperative and a joy to work with.

FAME Teacher of The Month

  • Her association with FAME : 2003 till date as Special Educator
  • Driving Factors: To bring smile to children’s faces, to love them, protect them, and nurture them, to teach them self reliance and to help them know themselves.
  • Her contribution: Ms. Anusha is very hard working and looks into minute details when it comes to work. Last month we saw her working along with other teachers for music, LED videos, costume making, prop making, coordinating with parents and above all in directing “Celestial wonders”. She is ever enthusiastic and absorbs every information like a sponge and implements it immediately.
  • An unforgettable moment/ achievement/ incident at FAME: Every day there are beautiful moments – be it a child who greets me with a smile, a child who enjoys that session, a child who does not cry the whole session, a child who calls me to say Hi and many more. Among all these there are 2 which made a powerful impact on me. The first is when I connected with a 4 year old boy with ASD. With each child, making a connection has been my most beautiful experience. But with this child, it was special because, it was my first experience with reference to working with a child with ASD. The second was when all the little ones were on stage during Pratibha, enjoying and smiling throughout the show.

Artwork of The Month

Art encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities and that it can be used effectively to teach and understand other key subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science. Art is valuable because it allows children to process their world, to deal with sometimes scary emotions in a safe way, and because it gives them critical sensory input. Kids tell us that art is fun, an activity they enjoy. Parents tell us that art is vital to their families because it keeps everyone engaged and happy and helps with the sometimes difficult transitions of the day.

Pratibha 2017 adapted the theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Most of 2016 Pratibha’s props were reused for this year. All the mementos for our honorary guests were done by using things around us by our children and speech therapists. The picture is drawn and paint is applied. Then they tear the color crepe papers and rolled them into small balls. They applied glue on the painting and stuck the crepe paper balls on the painting colorwise.

Paper Presentation

By Ms. Deepashree (Special Educator)
Teachers can find a wealth of opportunities to extend their influence beyond their own classrooms. In every good school, there are teachers whose vision extends beyond their own classrooms even beyond their own teams or departments. Such teachers recognize that students' school experiences depend not only on interaction with individual teachers, but also on the complex systems in place throughout the school.
This awareness prompts these teachers to want to influence change. They experience professional restlessness what some have called the “leadership itch”. Sometimes on their own initiative and sometimes within a more formal structure, these professionals find a variety of ways to exercise teacher leadership.
Today more than ever, a number of interconnected factors argue for the necessity of teacher leadership in schools. Teaching is a flat profession. In most professions, as the practitioner gains experience, he or she has the opportunity to exercise greater responsibility and assume more significant challenges. This is not true of teaching. The 20-year veteran's responsibilities are essentially the same as those of the new teacher.
In many settings, the only way for a teacher to extend his or her influence is to become an administrator. Many teachers recognize that this is not the right avenue for them. The job of an administrator entails work that does not interest them, but they still have the urge to exercise wider influence in their schools and in the profession. This desire for greater responsibility, if left unfulfilled, can lead to frustration and even cynicism.
Conditions that promote Teacher Leadership

6 areas to create Teacher Leadership Opportunities

  • Set Examples: Improve one's own performance
  • Reflect: Organizing and leading review of School System and Processes
  • Extend Knowledge: Curriculum development and Classroom practices
  • Involve in Decision-making: Actively participate in School-level decisions
  • In-Service Education: Mentoring new teachers and assisting peers
  • Peer Review: Buddy System, Peer Review and Constructive Feedback
5 School Leadership qualities a Teacher possesses
The Need for Teacher Leadership

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