A Lifetime Lived with Dignity

FAME was born out of a fervent passion to make a change in the lives of children with special needs. As FAME began to see many children pass through its doors, before long it was very clear that these students once they pass out from FAME as teenagers still need the support, care and love shown to them as children. But if the facilities for children with special needs was found wanting back then, the facilities for youngster and adults with special needs were scarce. And thus was born Fame Swavalambana and Karuna.

Fame Swavalambana - A path to self-reliance

Fame Swavalambana was born out of FAME India’s endeavour to enable the physically and mentally challenged students passing out of school to lead a life of dignity and self-reliance by means of providing vocational training to students, helping students to land a job or helping their entrepreneurial dream take off.

The objectives of setting up sheltered units are to :

- Economically empower individuals with special needs above the age of 18.
- All trained individuals with multiples disabilities can not be placed in open employment and hence the need for setting up sheltered vocational units. Our students at YST can make candles, chocolates, diyas, dustbins from recycled paper, jewellery, jute bags, mats, laptop bags apart from being trained in organic farming.

Fame Swavalambana’s major achievement has been the open placement of three of our trained students with special needs in different settings in the private sector. Two women have been placed in a candle factory in the packing unit , while one more male student has been placed in a renowned school for their data entry work.

Karuna - A life filled with compassion

Santhosh is a 26 year old adult with quadriplegia. He is wheel chair bound and requires help for all the activities of daily life. He is most of the time non verbal but occasionally utters words to everybody’s surprise. His parents are old and find it difficult to meet his needs. He needs to be transferred to and from the wheel chair, has to be fed, taken to the toilet, washed, bathed and the list is never ending, it is no doubt a physically draining exercise for the aged parents. Parents with reasonably good financial resources though able to hire a caretaker, find it extremely difficult to find one. To meet the increasingly urgent demand from parents of persons with severe disabilities, who require extensive support, F.A.M.E India set up a Respite Care Centre in Bangalore.

The main objectives of Karuna is:
- To provide rehabilitation support services for persons with severe disabilities (those who require extensive support) to maintain existing skills

- To train in skill areas such as wheel chair mobility, transfers, independent eating, drinking, grooming with adaptive devices where and when necessary

- To nurture and enhance communication skills

- To slow down the onset of secondary contractures and deformities

- To provide ample opportunities to develop/improve/maintain socialisation skills Apart from the above mentioned objectives a major one is :

To provide respite to the parents weighed down by physical, emotional and psychological stress which are natural outcomes of taking care of persons with severe disabilities To provide a platform for parents to form a support group. To give the parents the time and space to regain their positive outlook and perspectives in life.

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