Our Story

The destination was well-defined from day 1 — We wanted to create a happy place for differently-abled children. A space carved out for children with special needs that would enable them to lead lives of dignity and self reliance.

The first step of our journey took place in March 2001, when Mrs. & Mr. NS Raghavan established FAME especially for children from economically less-privileged homes.

The giant leap took place in 2005, when we moved to our new home in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, India
Today, the FAME Family consists of over 100 students, a number of special educators, staff and volunteers

Our Team

FAME is a project of the heart. We believe in a society were every member is given the chance to lead productive lives of quiet dignity. To achieve this high mantle we depend on passionate and compassionate individuals.
Don't believe in the magic of childhood? Take a minute, close your eyes and think about your childhood - you can see it can't you? - the sepia tone, you can hear it your favourite adult narrating the quirky habits that made you, you as a baby. We've all heard the stories of pride as we took our first step. Each child deserves that nostalgic trip down memory lane.It's a time of innocent dependence, it's a time of learning it's a joy to watch kids grow from complete dependence to ever increasing independence. If you believe in creating a place for all children team up with us.

Our Community

We are not alone in our journey to act, to empower and to motivate children with special needs. Along the way, we have partnered with some amazing individuals and associated ourselves with mind blowing organisations.

Organisations who have partnered with us

  • bank
  • nordson
  • Nadathur
  • rci
  • Oracle

Amazing individuals who have partnered with us over the years

FAME India

Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment





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Tax on Donations

Donations in Rupees
FAME India is a registered NGO in India and as such donations made in INR are exempted from tax as per 80 (G)
Donations in Dollars
FAME India is registered with CAF America, and therefore dollar donations made to FAME India via CAF America is tax deductible. Read more


How we spend your money We want you to know exactly how we spend the hard earned money that you have donated to us. To this end we are in the process of digitising all our financial records and annual reports, which can then be accessed by anyone anywhere. Once we are done the following will be available  for view here:

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Contact Us

We are located here

No.156, 36th Cross

2nd Main Road, Jayanagar 7th Block

Bangalore - 560 082

Karnataka, India

Phone: 80 - 2244 6622

Fax: 80 - 2244 6623

E-mail: friends@fameindia.org