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At FAME INDIA, we think of parents and family as co-creators for lifespan care.


We know that detecting developmental disabilities and providing interventions to infants and children as early as possible, ensures the best possible outcomes. In this, parental training is key.


We work with families from the basics: teaching how to enable eating, toileting, gross and fine motor skills in their children, empowering them with knowledge to sustain the cognitive improvements, which their children gain through our efforts.


There are five specialists who work with each child and adult, with the family in loop: special educator, social worker, speech therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist.


 Counselling sessions each year


Home visits for early intervention

These facts are a testament to the investment in time and effort we make with the parents and caregivers of each child in our care.

FAME INIDIA's vision it to “improve the quality of life of persons with NDD. We provide deep, holistic, and lifespan interventions to the population we serve, recognizing this challenging situation impacts several decades of a person’s life. 


We look at several ways these can be achieved and make conscious choices, recognizing we have limited resources (time, manpower and finances) and also reminding ourselves we will always do our best in whatever choices we make.


In this endeavor, we believe and recognize that to make a difference in the quality of life of a person, their family plays an important role. We want to co-create partnerships as we are sailing the same path ---- the path of supporting the learning and development of each child and adult at FAME INDIA.


We seek continuous family engagement and are intent on bringing parents and family members of persons with NDD into the conversation. Building this relationship is a dynamic and ongoing process that depends on contributions of ideas and resources from families and program staff alike. We invite you to join together as parents, as we are each other’s best resources to build a stronger future so we can make a difference to the issues that matter most to children and families.


Family Engagement