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In working with children and adults with Neuro-Developmental Disability (NDD), it is crucial to integrate cognitive and physical betterment. Through all our stages of care we invest hugely in ensuring physical progress and maintenance for each person as we recognize physical development and cognitive development is even more closely tied for children and adults with disability. 


Our therapy rooms have separate spaces for group and individual sessions, and specialised equipment to address a wide range of physical challenges disabled persons face.


Most children and adults who come to us do not have wheelchairs of their own. Whoever requires a wheelchair is provided with one at FAME INDIA.

2900 + 

Physiotherapy sessions/year


Speech therapy sessions/year


Children:staff ratio

The importance of comfort

We take the physical comfort of each child seriously as children with a disability are often not able to articulate discomfort.  


Learning takes place when the child is comfortable with the trainers, staff and physical environment. 

Every room at the Centre For Children, Day Activity Centre as well as at the Respite Care, is equipped with chairs, workstations and other aids suited to the individual children who use that room for the day’s activities.


For example, if a child with cerebral palsy requires a special chair, then such a chair is customised for that child. These chairs are also fitted with specific and appropriate attachments like lap boards, chest-straps, trunk supports, footrests and knee blocks- whatever is required for each child's comfort.


Each year based on the growth of the child, adjustments and modifications are made. The extent to which these enable and facilitate learning cannot be underestimated in the full-circle approach.