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Life Skills 

Fostering independence is an important life skill for our children with special needs, from the time they wake in the morning as they go through activities such as making the bed, their bathroom routine, communicating amongst many others. With the right preparation, patience and guidance they can develop these essential skills and learn how to apply it in real life.

At FAME INDIA, we see Life Skills as key, at all stages of a child or adult’s developmental journey.


Schedules at the Centre For Children as well as at Day Activity Centre have several hours a week dedicated to the learning of various life skills.


Alongside, outings to parks, shopping centres, and public transit stations take place weekly for children and monthly for adults. These outdoor events familiarise our members with the safe use of public spaces.


- Eating

- Toileting

- Grooming

- Basic meal preparation

- Use of public spaces


- Reduced social anxiety

- Better interpersonal relationships

- Drawing boundaries 


- Using art, music and crafts for expressing their feelings

- Empowering them, Displaying ideas and their own vision and showcasing their talents

Shyamala Shidhar parent of Shreenidhi, an adult with NDD says, 'the DAC's emphasis is on functional independence and daily living. This means that if we are not home, my son can take care of himself. 


'He particularly enjoys housework and at the centre loves the morning yoga sessions, painting lamps and beading necklaces'.

Story of self-reliance