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Our training programme is specially designed and delivered, based on each person's age, abilities and needs. It is one of the three parts that go into the Individualised Education Programme prepared for each member of our Centre.


Training for intellectually disabled children and adults has goals and milestones that are entirely different from each other. 


- Sitting tolerance

- Orientation & movement 

- Gross & fine motor skills 

- Bladder control


- Basic literacy & numeracy

- Currency use

- Time concepts

- Prevocational tasks


- Survival words

- Self-expression

Sujith's Story

Sujith, an 8 year old boy with NDD along with Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD), had difficulty taking in visual input and committing these visuals to memory. He struggled with identifying animals when two or more pictures were shown. 


Through our study we learnt that he has to be introduced to new cards only after he has had the space to internalise the earlier one by by mulling over it for several a weeks.   

This also meant he was not overwhelmed with the information & started to grasp the concepts with interest. This has made him confident and also increased his sitting tolerance and readily complies to our trainers instructions. The journey towards acquiring knowledge has begun in earnest for him...

Today, we have a changed Sujith who is much calmer, has a significantly improved sitting tolerance and attention span.