We make a full circle commitment to children and adults with neurodevelopment or intellectual disability.


From child to adult, through every stage of care-

We are here to stay. 

Our circles of care

Under our circles of care, our vision is to provide DEEP, HOLISTIC and LONG-TERM inputs, engagements and resources to individuals with Neuro Developmental Disabilities (NDD) and their families. Our focal areas for the delivery of this vision, are in four broad themes.


- Functional academics

- Cognitive development


- Safety

- Physical & Mental well-being


- Self-care & socialization

- Functional life-skills/

Vocational skills


- Community engagement

- Meaningful partnerships

- Co-creating solutions

- Self-advocacy​​

These pillars of care thread our work together, which we deliver via  five entities,  each addressing a different phase in the life of an individual with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities (NDD).

Our entities

Centre For Children (CFC)  |  Day Activity Centre (DAC)  |  Respite Care  |  Outreach   |  Academy

At FAME INDIA, we work via five entities that directly serve children and adults with disabilities. In each of these institutions, we approach our efforts with the conviction that caring for the disabled should be a long-term commitment, not merely for family and caregivers, but also for organisations that partner with the community.


The people that we work with at FAME INDIA, have moderate to severe NDD. This means that they as well as their caregivers will need to prepare not only for the typical growing years, but for the several decades that come after.

It is in these years that the most significant life changes occur: the departure of siblings, the ageing of parents, and their own physical decline.

It is a lifetime of adaptation and learning both for the person with disability as well as for the caregiver/s. And at FAME INDIA, we aim to be a resource that both of them can draw learning, support and reassurance from, during that journey.

We call this our FULL-CIRCLE approach



  • Early intervention is critical to achieve best results.    Our program run for children ages 2 to 18 years.

  • Therapeutic Interventions are offered maintaining a high specialist staff to children ratio at 1:6.​

  • Through our Individualized Education Plans (IEP), we consistently evaluate and programatically manage the development of each child. 

  • ​We facilitate family/caregiver support groups, educate and share resources for families to access government schemes and benefits. 

Centre For Children (CFC)


  • Equipping adults with life skills from the ages of 18 to 60 years to maximise their independence.

  • Ensuring caregiver-parent collaboration with us as essential component for successful long-term outcomes for our individuals.

  • Providing long term relief for the carers of adults.

  • Intervene with individualized therapeutic and behavioural intervention services

  • Facilitate social inclusion by providing opportunities for them to spend time with other people


  • Creating well- adjusted small groups of adults who can forsee a life of togetherness for their entire life.​

Day Activity Centre (DAC)


  • Specialized Lifespan Respite Care Centre for adults     with severe NDD, who need continuous care.

  • Provide a safe, recuperative environment with supportive care for those on the severe spectrum of NDD, to heal, and lead a life of dignity.

  • Meeting the unmet needs of the family members, care givers to ensure their own health and well-being, giving them a stress free time so they can do productive work and participate normally in community life.

  • We are continually guided by principles of meaningfulness, dignity, and safety in all that we do.

Respite Care



  • Early intervention to help children with NDD in remote villages from low-income families in the safety of their homes.

  • Seeking early identification and assessment, as it is valuable  in determining diagnosis, prognosis, functional abilities, and formulating clinical intervention for both children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Facilitating diagnosis, ensuring treatment is provided at the right time to children on the NDD spectrum.

  • Ensuring children on the milder spectrum achieve their full potential by supporting them to become a part of an inclusive school. 

  • Outreach activities include: Early intervention, awareness generation, community- rehabilitation programs, referrals, awareness workshops, family visits, parent meetings, visiting rural CHC and PHC.

  • 35 village visits

  • 659 indirect beneficiaries

  • 109 persons identified with disabilities

  • 120 awareness programs since 2016 


  • The Academy’s mission is to nurture our staff with continuing professional education, so they meet the challenges of the organization whose focus is deep holistic full circle lifespan approach.


  • To collaborate with leaders of the field with technical know how to gain relevant knowledge, which can be applied to our individuals across entities.

  • Showcase the organization as a centre for excellence by documenting case studies, best practices, success stories, within entities. 


  • Supporting other entities with technical knowledge, and creating training materials.



Since 2015, we have      up-skilled over 500 persons via certification programs.

Continuing professional education for our teacher assistants and re-skilling staff wherever needed.



Since 2001, FAME INDIA has touched the lives of nearly 4000 children and adults with a disability.

We continue to do so with growing commitment. There are 300 children & adults with NDD in our community.


Of all the donations received, 86% of the cost is ploughed back into the programs.