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Akhila's Story

For The Love Of Dance

Akhila, 33 years, has Down’s syndrome and mild Intellectual Disability. Akhila’s mother is bed-ridden and her father does not have a full-time work.

Akhila was a part of CFC for a few years before joining DAC. Akhila eagerly looks forward to every single day and coming to DAC to work in the Paper and Terracotta department.

But it is dancing where her true passion lies.

She loves dancing and actively participates in all cultural activities and the Annual Day celebrations organized at FAME INDIA. Akhila refuses to let her life be defined by her disability. She says, “There is a lot that I can do, and there are some things that I can’t. I love to dance, I am very good with money and calculations, I enjoy being healthy and independent and lastly I love dressing up and taking care of myself.”

Art in the form of dance and music is an effective educational and therapeutic tool for both children and adults with forms of disabilities. The strategies involved with music therapy may effect changes in skill areas that are important for people with a variety of forms of disabilities such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism and many others. At FAME, we have constantly strove to try new methods to

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